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Chief financial officers are critical to a company’s financial health. For those companies that do not to retain a full-time CFO, an interim CFO provides a clear and cost efficient alternative.  Now you no longer have to settle for the status quo, overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks and continue on the same path with less-than-optimal results because you’re short staffed. Our services are flexible and scalableto accommodate your changing need and address the following areas:

Strategic Management and Planning Process

Whether you are a start-up in the hospitality industry or an established casino or resort, our strategic management consulting services will help you address the challenging business environment you are facing. Our financial professionals will help you take advantage of your company’s strengths, create opportunities, minimize weaknesses, and overcome threats.  We focus on helping you address short-term hurdles and setting realistic long-term goals. This is done through analysis, planning, reporting automation and enhanced back of the house bookkeeping.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Choosing and implementing the right budget and forecasting tools to cope with demand volatility and economic downturns is far from easy. If your senior leadership is pre-occupied with day-to-day matters and your staff can’t find adequate time to prepare a budget with supporting analysis the process is compromised. Our scalable budgeting application, back-of-house accounting, and reporting services are designed to fill in these gaps. A team of hands on specialists will guide you through the planning, budgeting, and most importantly the implementation stages. Don’t allow incomplete budgeting and forecasting efforts blindside your casino, hotel, resort or restaurant.   Take full advantage of what our part-time CFO and actionable budgeting services can deliver to your bottom line.

Financial Modeling & Measuring Performance

Our financial modeling services are designed to answer the “what if’s” of your business and plan for the worst. Through break-even analysis, benchmarks, and measuring performance metrics our team of hospitality and casino accounting financial specialists will give you a better understanding of your operations so you can make the most of your resources to address a potential or pending crisis.

Corporate Restructuring

Revenue is stagnant, liquidity is nonexistent, and your expenses continue to rise. Company reorganization and possible bankruptcy is the next step. Before making such a final decision, be 110% certain you are working with the best data and financial projections available because every merger, acquisition and organizational change requires careful preparation and planning. Our cost effective part-time CFO consulting services will help minimize uncertainty. Before you begin negotiating with lenders, key suppliers and other creditors, allow our corporate restructuring team of financial experts to outline all of the costs and benefits associated with a corporate reorganization. While there are many tax advantages to mergers, acquisitions, and bankruptcies – there are real consequences too. Please call to see if we can improve your outcome. We only accept engagements if we can deliver value in excess of our fees.


If you are a New York metro area, nationwide or international casino, hotel, resort or restaurant struggling to stay afloat, gaining access to new capital sources at lower rates might be your life preserver. Our part-time CFO services create flexibility that is often lacking with in-house financial management. Let our team of negotiators present your case to various lending institutions and tap into other sources of capital by illustrating how funds will be used to reposition and strengthen your operations. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your company’s growth, profitability and survival.

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