Buyers & Sellers

Buyers & Sellers

Transaction Advisory Services

Every year, approximately 300,000 businesses in the United States change ownership. There are many reasons why business owners decide to sell their business assets. In some cases a company has reached the end of its life cycle and cashing out might make sense. In other cases, it may simply be time for a change or a business finds itself in financial difficulty. Whatever the reason may be, the process of selling – or purchasing – business assets is complex and requires an understanding of risks and benefits equally.


As a prospective buyer of a business for sale, you must review the seller’s claims carefully. With our interim CFO services, we will assist you as you check the seller’s history, finances, and underlying assumptions.  Because sellers are inherently connected to the business, they often will minimize negative information in favor of positive information when they arrive at the bargaining table. Our critical analysis will help uncover non-recurring events or other transactions that may be inflating the seller’s revenue and asking price. We can also give you an objective view on current business expenses to profitability. We will implement powerful business analytics to help you make prudent decisions and gain an edge during price negotiations.


As a seller of a business for sale, your organization’s financial position will determine its market value. Presenting a comprehensive overview of financial and non-financial information can accelerate the entire closing process and maximize sale price received. Finding and vetting a new purchaser or investor is not easy. We can assist you in this process by packaging your hospitality, leisure or gaming business to attract and target qualified purchasers.