Lenders & Private Equity

Lenders & Private Equity

Debt Restructuring

If you are a lender or private equity investor, we can help you monitor your property or portfolio by providing you with timely financial analysis and insightful reporting so that you can avoid missteps that could result in the devaluation of your financial interests.

For instance, if you have an ownership interest in a hotel, resort or leisure casino, there are times when you may need more detailed financial information than your borrower or joint venture partner has provided. We are able to extract read-only data from the property’s underlying systems to assess its daily transaction activity and compare it against pre-determined standards, budgets and industry norms. As a result, you will be able to make more informed decisions regarding cash flow forecasting, capex decisions, financial restructuring options and more.

This ability is especially critical when properties are experiencing financial distress (such as foreclosure, bankruptcy, deed-in-lieu, negotiated handovers, and receivership). Any delay in receiving a debtor’s prepared financial statements leaves the door open to unexpected surprises and lost opportunities.

The information that we are able to gather also helps you navigate the entire process from pre-foreclosure to asset disposition. Should a court-appointed receiver take over the property, we can quickly assess the situation and make recommendations that will protect and preserve your asset or curtail further losses.