reso-image-1Many resorts, especially those that cater to families, struggle to serve foods that satisfy picky eaters, which will get approval from parents who want healthy options provided.

Make Dining a Fun Activity

resort-image-1Kids will enjoy selecting their toppings from the Bagelita bar and creating “their” meal. The Bagelita can easily be cut up into finger-food-sized portions, so that little fingers can hold and eat their own personalized meal.

Not only is a Bagelita Bar perfect for families, but it allows more time for the servers and culinary staff to enhance the parents dining experience.

Help stop F & B Revenue from walking out the door

resort-image-2For those on a vacation budget, a Bagelita Bar offers a variety of quality ingredients to choose from and create their own personalized meal. This provides a far better dining experience “on property” than having to leaving the resort in search of a low-cost fast food meals.

For Guests on the Go

For those attending ski resorts, casinos, theme parks or other entertainment venues, a Bagelita Bar is an excellent grab and go option. It provides a quality portion controlled meal that does not weigh them down the guest so they can quickly resume their activities.