Bagelita Bar

Bagelita Bar

The Bagelita bar is your secret weapon to boost
catering profitability.

Stop dumping your excess high quality food into the trash after each catered event and watching it be carted away at your expense.

With a Bagelita Bar, you now have an outlet to sell your daily overproduced food. A Bagelita Bar provides excellent value to your guests while reducing food costs.

Simply place any over produced food from the day’s menu on the Bagelita Bar. You can now offer a fresh, high quality meal customized to the guests own personal preferences.

bagelita-1Unlike bagels or pita bread that can easily become soft, spongy and fall apart once filled with tasty ingredients of different shapes and sizes, the Bagelita holds everything in place with ease.

Bagelitas also have a tastier crunch on the outside to make your taste buds command attention. They are fun to eat and can be cut like a pita, falafel, finger food portions or a bagel.  The hollowed out baking process makes it easy to remove the extra calories and carbs in the center to appeal to health-conscious consumers.

The Benefits of a Bagelita Bar is that:

  • It makes dining a fun activity
  • Reduces food waste through higher utilization
  • Offers guests an affordable menu option
  • Great for guests on the go

A complementary trial is available to qualified catering facilities located within the New York metro area. Please contact us at